Nong Kiau Riverside


Looking for the best Place for stay at night, quiet and weak up with full energy. Nong kiau Riverside is a small authentic Bungalow cleaned, quiet and lovely.

Cleaned room with antique decorations, fulfilled with air conditioner, hot water, beautiful lamps and free coffee tea serving at the room.

View from the terrasse in the morning, the scenery of Nongkiau and mountain is wonderful.

The Bungalows entourages by flowers and garden, and there is the plants that against mosquitos.

For more information:

Tel: +856 71810004

Ban Sop Houm, M. Ngoy, Luang Prabang Province, Lao PDR.


Traditional paper


At Hmong village on the ways to Meuangkham district Xiengkuang province.Surprising that this is another place producing rice paper ເຈ້ຍສາ or 和紙 and can make it white and larger than another place. One piece is 160x100cm. Rice paper actually using for multipurpose depend on how we could use it, some may need to use for a wood frame for a lamp, windows and some would use for painting.One day it can produced 20-30 pieces, each is Very soft and strong.

The radio is very important for Hmong peoples, during the works they like to lisent to the news and Hmong folk music


Phonexay Restaurant Xiengkuang



Think of breakfast in Xiengkuang province? Here is the most convenience and hope it’s the best place to try.

Serving not only one sigle dishes, but the clients can also asking to prepare the food as they like.

Made by order

Opening everyday from 6 pm to 10 am.


Chinese restaurant Xiengkuang


Mostly the restaurant in Xiengkuang is local food and the number of restaurant is very limited. Xiang Man Lou is the best Chinese restaurant here and it only one serving Hunan 湖南 style food.

The food are friendly with all peoples which not spicy and no 香菜 or Packchi.

With all dishes showing here cost 270.000 LAK which about 35 US $.

Bon appétit!


Car care


Another 32 kilometer before arriving to Phonesavanh Xiengkuang province where famous of plane of jars from entrance Bolikhamxay province.

Notice: For general maintenance and included car washing it take 1:20 Minuit

during the trip if there is any incidence with your bikes and cars, Here is a Garrage where can help for basic maintenance and can allow you to arrive in to city safely .

Here are the services;

1. Car washing

2. engine and oil filter change

3. Check and repair suspension

4. Check and repair direction.

Reasonable price and friendly.


Classic sweet


Cassava is growing since many year and have use it for variety rather than food and sweet.

This is steamed cassava mixed with coconut rings.

Low sweet but it’s good for a kind of apetisser and accompanying with green tea or coffee.

It very common for Lao children especially elementary school boys.

A pair of it cost 5.000 Lak/ kip and can find only local sweet shop it often presenting on chariot at the walking street.

Good appetizer.


Airport Shuttle Bus Service


January 10, 2018 

Vientiane Wattay Airport Shuttle Bus

Download map and schedule here:

A new airport shuttle bus service will commence operations next week, taking passengers to and from Wattay International Airport.

The airport shuttle buses will depart every 40 minutes from the Morning Market central bus station in Nong Chan Village, running from 9am until 10pm. Tickets are to be priced at 15,000 kip for a one way trip.

“Until now, the only public transportation to the airport has been taxi services, which charge around 58,000 kip to the airport from the city center,” said Mr Sithiphon Chanthavong, Deputy Manager of the Vientiane 2 City Bus Service.

“Our shuttle bus will stop at 16 locations via the Presidential Palace, and along Souphanouvong Road,” he added.

Furthering the passenger experience, an app will be available for Android smartphones allowing passengers to check bus routes and hail taxis from their location.

The City 2 bus service, under the Vientiane State Bus Enterprise (VSBE) launched its original service between ITECC and the Morning Market in November last year.

The 34 buses operated by the service were donated by the Kyoto City Council amid hopes to assist in easing traffic congestion.

Official bus stops have been designated around the city to prevent the traditional practice of hailing buses at random locations, which can be problematic to the flow of traffic.

Source: Laotian times


Thampoukham Blue lagoon


Many peoples asking what to do when arriving to Vangvieng? This is very good question.
Instate of drinking and dancing at the bar standing side of Song river,  there is more than activities that we can apply such as Kayaking, boat riding, tracking, rock climbing, circling., etc…

Here is one of the best place to visit and fulfilled of interesting activities. Thampoukham blue lagoon2 is a place for some who like swimming in cold and fresh downstream from Thampoukham cave, and some may like to jump from the top of branches to water.

Spending time and have a lunch at the traditional hats, some may like to take a zip lines is also available here.

Gate intrance fee: 10.000 Lak/1 person

If coming with family here is another solution for the kids

Maki Ebina, who make a tour around the world alone