Ice cream 


“A Pe” ice cream has stated in Vientiane about 53 years ago. Here is only place where we can have local ice cream which seem to be no name but it’s home made and really particular tastes. 

Since the new ice cream brand has established many local people’s has forgot and enjoy the new one.

When looking at the iced balls, it contained 3 colors such as white with Coconut, violet with taro, and chocolate. For some reason which quite special from oher ice cream is they provide new rice hidden under ice cream balls. 


Privet Soviet Restaurant


We decided to open a Soviet-themed restaurant in Vientiane and looking for partnership!

We are seaking for anyone who wants to be a co-owner of the only Russian restaurant in Vientiane. The restaurant will have a Soviet atmosphere(iterior design, food etc.) and of course, a private VIP zone.

The location is convenient and quiet. The profit, that we are getting from our Russian food deliveries, are also shared with our partner!
This is a 100% profitable investment, since this business is not new, and Rissian Food “Privet” is already a well known brand among all Russian food fans in Vientiane!
We already made calculations, regarding things that needs to be done and accuired/purchased, to setup an optimal business with the cost-effective structure. The numers are – 50.000$.

We want you to help us make it real! — at «Privet» Russian Restaurant in Vientiane Русский ресторан “Привет”.


Via Via Pizza


Via Via Pizza au feu de bois a la Belge.

A small lovely restaurant at Norkeo Lyman road you would recognized a small restaurant standing beside of big old French style house. The most closed access is Mekong river side just in front of Chinese temple and take about 20 meter on the left side.

Via Via Pizza is riches of ingredience but reasonable price. Once if have a chance it could be an idea to try Lao food culture variety and a chance for tasting a real Pizza au Feu de Bois.