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Nam Ngiep 1 Project Starts Impounding Water


Nam Ngiep 1 Project Starts Impounding Water


Whopping Tourism Consultancy


Whopping Tourism Consultancy Sole Co., Ltd. 

With a fast movement of Social Economic in Lao PDR is significantly, the number of investors, tourists in increasing at the same time the service proving and man skill workers is still minimum.

Whooping is local firm consulting has design and setup professional sill development for those sectors in particularly aimed to ensure and provide skilled workers, and professional services in Tourism sectors especially for Japanese customers.  

Our services has dividing in to specific sectors as following:

  1. Human Resources Development Training Services 
    • Training Japanese Speaking Guide
    • Training Japanese Tourism Language
    • Training Hospitality (Japanese Style)
    • Training Waiter for Japanese Restaurant
    • Training for Hotel Receptionist (Japanese Speaking)
    • Training for Tour Operation, Japanese speaking and booking system
    • Training Japanese language for hair salon
    • Training Japanese Language for massage
  2. Advertisement and Setting up Local Hotel, Guesthouse, Restaurant to meet Japanese markets.
    • Design and development Brochure, Flayer, Cards.
    • Design Menu, Card in to Japanese version
    • Training bartender in Japanese style
    • Website development and provide the translation in Japanese to Language.
  3. Coordination, Tour Package design and services
    • Create a corporate contract with Hotel, Guesthouse, Restaurant to offer the best price to clients
    • Corporate with Bus, Wan, Taxi and SUV rental for a better services on time and safety.
    • Design tour package and service operation.
  4. Additional services

If any company, Hotel, Restaurant, or related to usage of Japanese language for workers such as working and learning Japanese at the sametime, we can also offer the services.


We try to provide always the best offer and significant during your trip in Laos.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contract

Japanese Speaker:

Mr. Nobu Ichihara
Tel: +856 20 28306390

Ms. Kumoko Goto
Tel: +856 20 56078007

Email: cubic.consultancy@icloud.com


i Jobs


iJobs…One-Stop Shop HR Solutions

iJobsCo. Ltd. or iJobs is a private enterprise with an aim of becoming a one-stop Human Resources Management and Development. iJobs work to develop and increase human resource capacity and employ-ability and, therefore, our products and services are specifically designed to assist employers in fulfilling their human resource needs while helping jobseekers to identify the right choice of careers.

Strategically,iJobs is the human resource “Bridge” that connects employers and jobseekers,for them to be able to reach for each other effortlessly.

iJobs understands that employers not only look for employees that can fulfill the positions in their organisations but also need qualified employees who can help the organizations reach the goals and achieve the visions qualitatively and quantitatively,technically and financially, and environmentally and socially.

iJobs is a domestic private enterprise that can help integrate international work ethics with local traditional cultures in Laos, and vice versa.

Our Services

  • Domestic Labor Supplies
  • Export Labor To Overseas
  • Recruitment Services
  • Outsourcing Labor Contractors & Payroll Management Services
  • Visa & Permits For Expatriates
  • Training And Human Resources Development

Khamhouang Village, 

Xaythany District, Vientiane Capital,

Tel:  (+856) 21-563091

030-200 2000

Email: Info@ijobs.la
Website: http://ijobs.la