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City Bus – Route Map

New Japan donated buses used for Lao ITECC – Talat Sao line

Bus Routes and Timetables

There are a handful of bus routes in Vientiane city, all city buses depart from the Central Bus Station (CBS) and pass through a few places as listed. There is a route map that you can download in PDF too (scroll down)

Check for bus timetables and fares.

Dongdok (National University of Laos)

  • Bus #29: Central Bus Station (CBS) → Patuxay → Phonkeng → Phonpanao → Army History Museum → Kaysone Museum → Southern bus station →and Lao National University (Dongdok).
  • Bus #31: Central Bus Station (CBS) → Chao Anouvong national stadium → Thongkhankham market → Phonthong → Mittapab hospital → Ban Sivilay → and Lao National University (Dongdok)
  • Bus #33: This line has been discontinued.
  • Nansuang
    • Bus #05: Central Bus Station (CBS) → National Cultural Hall → Fa Ngum Statue → Wattay Airport* → Sikai Market → Nansuang.


    • Bus #30: Central Bus Station (CBS) → National Cultural Hall → Fa Ngum Statue → Wattay Airport* → Sikai Market → Thongphong.

    Nong Teng

    • Bus #49: Central Bus Station (CBS) → National Cultural Hall → Fa Ngum Statue → Wattay Airport* → Sikai Market → Nong Teng Rd. → Ban Nong Teng


    • Bus #06: Central Bus Station (CBS) → National Cultural Hall → Fa Ngum Statue → Wattay Airport* → Mekong Breeze Hotel → Nong Da temple → Pialath.

    *The buses do not go into the airport but it’s only 5 minutes walk from the main road.


    • Bus #32: Central Bus Station (CBS) → Dongpaina Rd. → Lao-Thai Rd. → 103 Hospital → South Korea Embassy → Myanmar Embassy → Sweden Embassy → Sangvuy Temple (end of route here).

    Lao-ITECC-Talat Sao Mall1 

    • Lao ITECC→ ASEAN Mall→ BCEL Bank Branch → That Luang Square Mall →That Luang Tai Temple →  That Luang Esplanade → Nongbone Temple → Indochina Bank→ Ministry of Finance→ Malaysia Embassy→ Patuxai → Ministry of Energy and Mines → Ministry of Public Security →Talat Sao Mall 1. See route map for more details.

    This line was previously run by electric vehicles. From November 27 onward, they will be permanently replaced by Kyoto Buses.


  • Bus #23: Central Bus Station (CBS) → Lane Xang Avenue → Patuxax → Army History Museum → Kaysone Museum → Southern bus station → Thangon.

Thadeua via Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge

  • Bus #14: Central Bus Station (CBS) → Thadeua road → KM3 → Sounmon → Jinaimo → KM8 → Lao-Thai Frienship Bridge → Thanaleng → Thadeua → and Buddha Park (locally known as Xiengkhuan).

Northern Bus Station

  • Bus #08: Central Bus Station (CBS) → National Cultural Hall → Fa Ngum Statue → Nong Duang temple → Ban Dongnasok → Sithong Rd. → Northern Bus Station.

Dong Kham Xang

  • Bus #20: Central Bus Station (CBS) → Thatfoun temple → Phonexay temple → That Luang → Huakhua market → Ban Non Koh → Ban Non Vai, → Muangnoi market → Ban Xiengda → Dong Kham Xang Market.

Regular city Map. PDF file

Lao ITECC bus route

Lao ITECC Bus lines rout map

Student Bus Pass (SBP)

What is Student Bus Pass (SBP)?

SBP is a card for students to use for bus rides instead of paying cash everytime. They just need to pay up front once when they register and they can use it for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year.

As the name implies, the card is for students only. It is designed to help them to save money on thier transportation cost as well as to make their bus trips convenient.

SBP card can be used with all bus routes that operated by Vientiane Capital State Bus Enterprise (VCSBE). It can be used as often and as many times as needed until the card expires.

Card Options

There are four(4) options to chose from:

  • 1 Month – Paper Based Card, cost 100,000kip
  • 3 Months – Paper Based Card, cost 200,000kip
  • 6 Months – ICT Card (Contactless), cost 300,000kip
  • 12 Months – ICT Card (Contactless), cost 500,000kip

How to apply for the card

You can apply for the card at the Central Bus Station Office (Morning market bus station)

You need to bring the following items at the time of application

  1. Your student ID card
  2. Two(2) photos (photo size: 40 x 30mm)
  3. Cash (amount 100,000 – 500,000kip depends on which option you chose)


You need to present your SBP everytime you get on the bus. Only buses that operated by Vientiane Capital State Bus Enterprise (VCSBE) accept the SBP card.

Your SBP card can only be used by yourself, it CANNOT be lent or sold.

If your SBP card is lost or stolen, you need to inform VCSBE. They can re-issue the SBP card for you with a small service fee. No refund or exchange can be provided.

More information:

For information regarding bus timetables, bus routs, bus stops, fares or Student Bus Pass (SBP) check out the website

Contact numbers (during business hours from 8:00am to 8:00pm):

021 216507, 020 9949 7131, 020 5582 1115, 020 5567 5122

Bus Location System

Now you can get the Bus Location System via your smartphone.

With the Bus Location System, you can see bus position in real time that makes it easy for your bus catching venture. You don’t have to get out of your house to wait for the bus long before it arrives. Just get out when you see the bus moving closer to your bus catching point.

The bus routes are color coded so it’s easy to identify. Just click/touch the line that represents the route and information such as destination and fares will pop up.

You can also select a destination from drop-down list to see the position of that particular route. You can switch between Lao and English.

Get it here: 

App for smart phone is also available, check it out in Play Store or  App Store

Enjoy your Vientiane City Bus venture, and happy traveling.

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LAK 11.6 Billion from Leaders’ Car Auction Transferred to Treasury


Create: 29/03/2017 14:26


The recently held car auction featured seven BMW Series 7/730li models and seven
Mercedes Benz S350 models

(KPL) The Ministry of Finance said on Tuesday that over 11.6 billion kip (USD 1.4 million) raised through the recently held leaders’ car auction has been transferred to the national treasury.

More than 50 bidders took part in the oral auction held at the National Convention Centre, Vientiane, in late February with President Bounnhang Vorachit’s BMW Series 7/730li fetching an 890 million kip (over USD 108,000) bid, Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith’s BMW Series 7/730li model grabbing 1.33 billion kip (USD 163,700) and President of the National Assembly BMW sedan sold for 970 million kip (USD 119,378).

The cars on auction comprised seven BMW Series 7/730li models and seven Mercedes Benz S350 models. The starting bid for each BMW Series 7/730li was set at 830 million kip, and 500 million kip was the starting bid for each Mercedes Benz S350 model. 

The planned auction came after the Party and government leaders agreed not to drive luxury cars in a bid to cut lavish spending on vehicles and related costs such as fuel and maintenance.

The luxury cars will be replaced by vehicles with more reasonable prices and reliable quality.

Luxury cars will no longer be used for state affairs and the excessive numbers of cars previously provided to senior officials will be taken back and put on auction to encourage anti-extravagant lifestyle in the society, especially among senior government officials.
Source: KPL