Kyoza ramen


Phailin noodle house, a heritage of her parents has setup in Laos for 35 years old, and it’s only one place that Guangdong style noodle is remain here in Vientiane.

Clear soup and beautiful taste. For best flavor is preferable to put a little lime and it the most suite for Lao temperature.

opening everyday from: 07:00 to 13:30 and 17:00 to 21:30

Price is starting from:

Small size: 10.000 Lak

Medium size: 15.000 Lak

Large size: 20.000 Lak

Special size: 25.000 Lak


Japan Tei


Similarly to the name じゃぱん停Japan tei a small hat with Japanese tradition food available with lovely price. Serving with hot Japanese green tea and also you can enjoy hot and cold sake as well.

The food accompanying with Japanese rice that’s the most significant for your meals.

Opening from 10 am to 3 pm and 5 am to 11 pm. Everyday


Yamakoya ramen


Missing Japanese food while traveling in Vientiane? Not at all! Here another chic Japanese typical ramen situated at the 2 F View mall, convenience shopping center in Vientiane capital.

Open daily from 9 am to 7 pm


Lao breakfasts


Experiencing local food in the morning just try to behave similarity to local peoples. Here is the best Lao breakfasts as there is verity menus ready for serving every morning.

Mostly Lao peoples love to have sticky rice with grilled pork rips with chilly path and sticky rice in the morning. Some would have Khaopun カオープン ເຂົ້າປຸ້ນ just similar to Japanese somen or そうめん with different soup and dressing.

Little fish fermented on banana leaves and BBQ

Marinated fish and dee fried with garlic

Pork sausage with herbs BBQ

Fresh passion fruit, for juice making.




K52 is well known in Vientiane especially Local people. Hmong village situated at kilometer 52 to the 13 road northern of Laos.

Lak 52 market is only place of courses, Hmong market where selling traditional food, crafts, tradition medicine, and vegetables.

Do not go out with hungry! In front of the market there are Hmong pork roasted with traditional herbs with Natural Hmong pork. Eating when it hot with Hmong sticky rice and light chilliest sauce is wonderful.


Khitavanh Paksong


Paksong a place for best coffee production in Laos since 1920.

Khitavanh restaurant is a place where have many kind of dishes serving seasonal food. At the same time we can have fresh local fruits juice and avocado shakes.

With 1284 mettre above the sea level and 19 degree celsius in June, hope it’s an idea to have such Local BBQ with local sake made by Japanese expert of shoju to warm up your evening.

Fruits shake Conor

Pork breast

Lao soju made by black rice with Japanese specialist. Factory in Paksong

Opening everyday from from 7 am to 11 pm


Cafe Vanille


La nostalgie de France. Café vanille has installed all things you need here for typical French food breads, croissants, and coffee.

At the same time, French food is also available for taking home at minimart corner. There are some frozen food, fromage and good vine store at right temperature.

opening everyday from 7 am to 9 pm.


Phonexay Restaurant Xiengkuang



Think of breakfast in Xiengkuang province? Here is the most convenience and hope it’s the best place to try.

Serving not only one sigle dishes, but the clients can also asking to prepare the food as they like.

Made by order

Opening everyday from 6 pm to 10 am.


Chinese restaurant Xiengkuang


Mostly the restaurant in Xiengkuang is local food and the number of restaurant is very limited. Xiang Man Lou is the best Chinese restaurant here and it only one serving Hunan 湖南 style food.

The food are friendly with all peoples which not spicy and no 香菜 or Packchi.

With all dishes showing here cost 270.000 LAK which about 35 US $.

Bon appétit!


Best Pork BBQ Vangvieng


If thinking of a Picnic side of Song river in Vanvieng?
That’s should be the best idea for bringing your favourites beers and Crispy Pork BBQ, the best of Vangvieng pork roasted ever.

This small shop providing roasted pork by order and distributing to many restaurant in Vangvieng, for a reason of the best offer, it preferable to buy from the roasting place.

The clients can order for a whole Pork, or 100g per 10.000 LAK. Kip