We represent a family silk farming and handicraft cooperative in Laos, operating as Mulberries and Phontong-Camacrafts Handicrafts Cooperative.

Photography by Paul Wager

Our organisation emerged in 1976, when Kommaly Chanthavong gathered 10 internally displaced and desperately poor women weavers from her home province of Hua Phan, Xam Neua, and initiated the Phontong Handicraft Cooperative. In 1990, Phontong and Camacraft joined ventures to assist Hmong hill tribe and Lao village women by utilising their artistic resources to design handcrafted products as a means to social and economic recovery.

In 1993, Mulberries organic silk farm was established in Xieng Khouang province as a research and model silk farm. The purpose of the farm is to revive and encourage the Lao traditional practice of silk fibre production, by providing training and support in silk worm rearing, art and craft practices of weaving. This in turn aids the social and economic development of rural and remote villages. Today the cooperative consists of 3,000 farmers, weavers and artisans from over 200 village families.

Our aim is to advance an ecological, economic, cultural and socially sustainable Lao silk and handicraft enterprise that improves the livelihood of the people we work with. An important part of our work is to ensure that our environmental, cultural and artistic resources are safeguarded for future generations.

Our role is to build close relationships with Lao village producers and contribute to improving their livelihood and standard of living. We also create market opportunities by bringing their products and stories to a global marketplace that connects and fosters an understanding between consumers and producers.

In purchasing products from Mulberries Fair Trade online store, you will be supporting the economic livelihood of Lao village communities. You can help us to ensure that traditional skills and artistic designs distinctive to Lao culture are passed on to younger generations.


Painting exhibition in Japan


Lao artists Mr May Chandavong and Mr Hongsa Khotsouvanh are sending their works to be exhibited at the Sunshower exhibition of contemporary art in the Japanese capital of Tokyo this year.
Sunshower, which features contemporary art from Southeast Asia, including Laos, from the 1980s to now, will also commemorate the 50th anniversary of Asean this year. 
Southeast Asia is enjoying remarkable prosperity, not just in terms of economic growth but in the contemporary art scene as well.
The exhibition is organised by Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in association with the embassies of Asean countries. It began at the National Art Center and Mori Art Museum in Tokyo on July 5 and will run till October 23.
Visith Teppalath


Interview Sivilay Abstract artist


Sivilay Abstract Artist


Sivilay is one of the best abstract artists who interprets the culture and tradition from his hometown onto the canvas for exhibition in local and abroad as well as transmitting his experience and techniques as an instructor for students at National Fine Arts Institute in Lao PDR. From a small village in Adsaphone district, Savanakhet province where many Phou Tai ethnic group inhabit, Sivilay has admired the beautiful hand writing of his father who is a teacher of elementary school, and tried to interprets all those wording and feeling to the artistic images. Once he has met with his father’s friend who is a painting’s teacher, since then he started learning paintings. Phou Tai peoples is very special, basically men and women are very good on signing, dancing and producing very beautiful silks and men playing the Khaen (Lao traditional music instrument). With those entourage Sivilay has inspired and introduced those cultural images onto his paintings and most of his paintings are related to culture, tradition, peoples and happiness.


Night activities Ta Oi peoples


Lao new year Luang Phrabang

Laven peoples harvesting coffee and men serving tea and coffee

Courtship interaction while men playing Khene and women singing.

Fresh market

Coffee harvesting process

Animal feeding

Cotton string making Laten people

Khmu people having Jar alcohol

Bamboo string making by Brown lady

Embroidering Iumiane people

Fire stove, or dry wood caring by Akha lady

Phou Tai ladie go to temple

Katou man playing music instrument

Akha ladies

Ta oi ladie

Mariage inter courtship

The paintings showing above is prepared for The Lao Plaza Hotel 2018 design for desk calendar size and would be distribute to Lao Plaza Hotel Clients. For more informations or if need the original canvas is also available now. Please send us an email: 



Painting workshop with children in rural areas



Cubic Consultancy, Cubic gallery division in cooperate with Department of Fine Arts School and Lao Ashiya Association has conducted for several years painting workshop for children in the rural areas from northern part to southern parts of Laos.

The workshop aimed to help and be apart for expanding children in rural ares to describe their mind and their thinking relating to the Natural resources Management and preservations. With a warm coordination with Fine arts Department, Lao Ashiya Association and the education department at the provinces the workshop has gained very interesting ideas, especially the children’s describe very well about they hometown, lifestyle, and the conservation about the natural resources.

Some of them cannot even have a chance to see and use watercolours, before starting the painting they was very exciting and many of them can interprets very well, and of-course they parents was also very surprised. 


Workshop in Salavan province

Workshop at Phonegnam school, Vientiane Province

Phonegnam elementary and secondary school school situated in Vientiane province at Phonegnam village, supported by Lion Club since 1997. Mr. Gejiro Shigemura who is one of the Ashiya city assembly has tried very hards for fund raising which not only funding for school construction and also has find the scholarship for the best students to continue his or her studies in Japan. Since 1997 Professor Hiroshige Takada who is a key person and in charge of the project has also made a significant ceremony that was a time capsule has put in the ground since the construction has began and the time capsule will be dig out again this year in April.

During 20 years past, Mr. Gejiro Shigemura has visit Phonegnam school 2-3 times times per years and also has find some activities for reinforcing children to learn, play and happy. With a cooperation with Cubic Consultancy, Media unit and Lao Ashiya Association has conducted a painting workshop with those children here in  September 2014

Workshop at Organic farm Vangvieng 2015

Organic farm Vangvieng is running by Mr.hanongsi Sorangkoun and crete a lot of organic products and have fresh vegetable restaurant at the place. For every season there is many young volunteers from many place learned and experimenting how to growth crops without chemical and none toxic.

At the same time, Mr.hanongsi Sorangkoun also provide an outdoor education relating agriculture for children around this area to and has create an Equal Education for All.

EEFA Projects



For more information on workshop and education for children in rural areas please contact: