Kyoza ramen


Phailin noodle house, a heritage of her parents has setup in Laos for 35 years old, and it’s only one place that Guangdong style noodle is remain here in Vientiane.

Clear soup and beautiful taste. For best flavor is preferable to put a little lime and it the most suite for Lao temperature.

opening everyday from: 07:00 to 13:30 and 17:00 to 21:30

Price is starting from:

Small size: 10.000 Lak

Medium size: 15.000 Lak

Large size: 20.000 Lak

Special size: 25.000 Lak


Lao breakfasts


Experiencing local food in the morning just try to behave similarity to local peoples. Here is the best Lao breakfasts as there is verity menus ready for serving every morning.

Mostly Lao peoples love to have sticky rice with grilled pork rips with chilly path and sticky rice in the morning. Some would have Khaopun カオープン ເຂົ້າປຸ້ນ just similar to Japanese somen or そうめん with different soup and dressing.

Little fish fermented on banana leaves and BBQ

Marinated fish and dee fried with garlic

Pork sausage with herbs BBQ

Fresh passion fruit, for juice making.




K52 is well known in Vientiane especially Local people. Hmong village situated at kilometer 52 to the 13 road northern of Laos.

Lak 52 market is only place of courses, Hmong market where selling traditional food, crafts, tradition medicine, and vegetables.

Do not go out with hungry! In front of the market there are Hmong pork roasted with traditional herbs with Natural Hmong pork. Eating when it hot with Hmong sticky rice and light chilliest sauce is wonderful.


Cafe Vanille


La nostalgie de France. Café vanille has installed all things you need here for typical French food breads, croissants, and coffee.

At the same time, French food is also available for taking home at minimart corner. There are some frozen food, fromage and good vine store at right temperature.

opening everyday from 7 am to 9 pm.


Clouds Swimming fish


“Cloud swimming fish” One of local food can only find in Vangvieng, For a formal name is call smoked fish with herbs, ປາລອຍຂ່າ、パロイカー。
Smoked with herbs and  Bijontan charcoal for several hours, it gives beautiful taste.
Actually it’s not very common to find it in the market, it require a special order with someone can spare time and prepare it. Or if can find at the old Vangvieng airport, there is only one single shop selling and it cost 15.000 Lak/ kip per one fish. The price is depended on the fish size.

This ways of preparation is also easy to carry as it dry. It just need banana leaves to rubbed and  especially during the trip.

Fished smoked with local herbs which gives wonderful taste



Best Pork BBQ Vangvieng


If thinking of a Picnic side of Song river in Vanvieng?
That’s should be the best idea for bringing your favourites beers and Crispy Pork BBQ, the best of Vangvieng pork roasted ever.

This small shop providing roasted pork by order and distributing to many restaurant in Vangvieng, for a reason of the best offer, it preferable to buy from the roasting place.

The clients can order for a whole Pork, or 100g per 10.000 LAK. Kip



Peeping Som’s BBQ


Saying this is the first Yakiniku house in Vangvieng, serving Lao style BBQ but full filled of Korean peoples. Why is that?
The taste of source and meat quality just right and meet Korean taste as well as Lao taste, Saying that we are similar here.

After a long day with tuff sport activities, the BBQ is the best for recovering your energy and joyful.

Fast services, clean, and good price.


BBQ Sauces provide a part of garlic and Chile, it can put and mix as much as we need for adjusting tast


Every set is providing a basket of vegetable and it included one egg.


Takee wantan Noodles


If think of fast easy and tasty for your evening meal, here is the best noodle house serving variety Cantonese food such as wantan noodle, roasted Pork and steamed rice, and also soft amuse guele Dimsam.

The restaurant opening from 6 am to 2 pm and 4 pm to 2 am everyday.

Wantan Noodles with smoked pork

Steamed rice and Roasted duck

Young chilies marinated

Steamed rice with roasted duck

Fried chilies, use for Wantan Noodles

Dimsum 点心

Steamed marinated eggs or Dimsum 点心

Dimsum 点心

Roasted Duck




When passing in to Laos, we may worries about where to take a breakfast and it It friendly state without spicy?

Do not passing the small coffee shops where local peoples is grouping for breakfast and coffee. Here is one of the best local breakfast offer especially in big city such as Vientiane, Savanakhet, and champa sack.

Khaoji shimai かオジーシマイ is quite popular among local peoples here, sieving with steamed meat ball on soil beans sauce, and fried eggs in special egg plant cooking on top of charcoal fire.

To fill up the stomachs, they like to serve with a French style baguette And a cup of local red tea.

Hot team steamed meat ball and friend eggs

Old French style bread , or Bagette serving with a set of breakfast

You may take ask the cook to do not put the minced onion and Pack Chie

For some consumer may not like to have sliced onions and パックシー it can easily take out or tell a cook that it no need by saying in Lao ” Bo sai pakhom” ボサイパクホーム!


Koun mee Restaurant


On the way to Komglor cave mostly it likely to stay one night before the boat trip if we travel from Vientiane capital, as the distance is about 300 kilometer and the gate is closed when arrival.

Here is a best restaurant in this area.

Khoun mee restaurant serve Lao, Asian fusion and European with awesome taste and good price.