Cartoon artworks is not very common among Lao peoples, some may have seen several black and white cartoon in elementary school books and  Japanese cartoon or animation through television sometimes.

Since the year 2004 Lao cartoon is booming again with a man who has studied from Arts and Metier school in Paris, and has introduced both print and animations cartoon in Laos, mostly the characteristics or cartoon aimed using for rural development though education and health care which supported by International Organization such as UNICEF, WHO, FAO, WFP, UXO, as well as UNDP., etc…

Chongkham Phonekeo or CK, a creators of many characters which friendly with readers or almost all kind of audiences, he spending most of times during his returned from year 2000 to study the peoples, especially the target group in order to pickup the specific things which relating to their culture, behaviours and refined an altitude of those peoples and finally tracing to the pieces of papers.

Ck is very warm, friendly and lot of humour relating to the cross culture towards the cartoon, it’s a TABOU to say that he seem to see things as cartoon but sometime it’s.

Those Cartoon showing above is published on a tourist guide book in Lao PDR. Do’s and Don’t as we would notice at the sign board showing at the tourist spots.

Mr. Chongkham Phonekeo
Call +856 (20) 55 613 149



Whopping Tourism Consultancy


Whopping Tourism Consultancy Sole Co., Ltd. 

With a fast movement of Social Economic in Lao PDR is significantly, the number of investors, tourists in increasing at the same time the service proving and man skill workers is still minimum.

Whooping is local firm consulting has design and setup professional sill development for those sectors in particularly aimed to ensure and provide skilled workers, and professional services in Tourism sectors especially for Japanese customers.  

Our services has dividing in to specific sectors as following:

  1. Human Resources Development Training Services 
    • Training Japanese Speaking Guide
    • Training Japanese Tourism Language
    • Training Hospitality (Japanese Style)
    • Training Waiter for Japanese Restaurant
    • Training for Hotel Receptionist (Japanese Speaking)
    • Training for Tour Operation, Japanese speaking and booking system
    • Training Japanese language for hair salon
    • Training Japanese Language for massage
  2. Advertisement and Setting up Local Hotel, Guesthouse, Restaurant to meet Japanese markets.
    • Design and development Brochure, Flayer, Cards.
    • Design Menu, Card in to Japanese version
    • Training bartender in Japanese style
    • Website development and provide the translation in Japanese to Language.
  3. Coordination, Tour Package design and services
    • Create a corporate contract with Hotel, Guesthouse, Restaurant to offer the best price to clients
    • Corporate with Bus, Wan, Taxi and SUV rental for a better services on time and safety.
    • Design tour package and service operation.
  4. Additional services

If any company, Hotel, Restaurant, or related to usage of Japanese language for workers such as working and learning Japanese at the sametime, we can also offer the services.


We try to provide always the best offer and significant during your trip in Laos.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contract

Japanese Speaker:

Mr. Nobu Ichihara
Tel: +856 20 28306390

Ms. Kumoko Goto
Tel: +856 20 56078007



i Jobs


iJobs…One-Stop Shop HR Solutions

iJobsCo. Ltd. or iJobs is a private enterprise with an aim of becoming a one-stop Human Resources Management and Development. iJobs work to develop and increase human resource capacity and employ-ability and, therefore, our products and services are specifically designed to assist employers in fulfilling their human resource needs while helping jobseekers to identify the right choice of careers.

Strategically,iJobs is the human resource “Bridge” that connects employers and jobseekers,for them to be able to reach for each other effortlessly.

iJobs understands that employers not only look for employees that can fulfill the positions in their organisations but also need qualified employees who can help the organizations reach the goals and achieve the visions qualitatively and quantitatively,technically and financially, and environmentally and socially.

iJobs is a domestic private enterprise that can help integrate international work ethics with local traditional cultures in Laos, and vice versa.

Our Services

  • Domestic Labor Supplies
  • Export Labor To Overseas
  • Recruitment Services
  • Outsourcing Labor Contractors & Payroll Management Services
  • Visa & Permits For Expatriates
  • Training And Human Resources Development

Khamhouang Village, 

Xaythany District, Vientiane Capital,

Tel:  (+856) 21-563091

030-200 2000






Vocational for jobs opportunities in Japan


Lao-Asia employment services co., Ltd.

Lao Asia employment service is a place for provide Vocational Japanese language training and find the jobs by contract in various area in Japan.

Lao Asia Employment is registered under the right and agreement between Lao and Japan government in participation and guaranty by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Social welfare in both country.

Japanese language training is high performance, that meant everyone should passed at least N4 in order to able to work in Japan. 

The most requirement at the moment are: Agriculture, House keeper, Construction workers, and nursing

Adress: Talatsao Road, Hatsady village. Vientiane Capital.
Office: +856 21 260588 +856 21 265793
Mobile: +856 20 22230668


Exhibition Dolls of Japan


March 9, 2017

Exhibition “Dolls of Japan” (10-20 March)


The Eleventh Japan International MANGA Award


(IMAGE) The Eleventh Japan International MANGA Award

March 16, 2017

  1. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and the Japan Foundation will launch the Eleventh Japan International MANGA Award and begin to accept entries for the Award.
  2. Entries will be accepted as follows:
    • (1) From Friday, March 17th to Friday, June 16th 2017.
    • (2) Entries need to be sent to Japanese diplomatic missions abroad (excluding permanent missions) or the P.O. Box of the Eleventh Japan International MANGA Award.

    [note] Details for the guidelines on the application can be found at the web site of The Japan International MANGA AwardOpen a New Window

  3. The Japan International MANGA Award was established in May 2007 upon the initiative of then Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Taro Aso, with the aim of awarding MANGA creators who contribute to the spread of MANGA culture overseas and international cultural exchanges through MANGA. The Award has been presented every year since then.Among entries, the gold Award will be given to the best work and the Silver Awards to three other excellent works. The awardees will be invited to Japan by the Japan Foundation to attend the award ceremony. During their stay in Japan (generally for 10 days), they will also have the opportunity to exchange ideas with Japanese MANGA creators, visit publishing companies and make an excursion to local sites.



  • 外務省及び国際交流基金は第11回日本国際漫画賞を開催することとし,下記の要領で作品を募集いたします。
    • (1)募集期間:平成29年3月17日(金曜日)から6月16日(金曜日)(必着)
    • (2)応募作品の提出先:各在外公館(除く政府代表部)及び第11回日本国際漫画賞専用私書箱


  • 2 日本国際漫画賞は, 麻生太郎外務大臣(当時)のイニシアチブを受け平成19年5月に創設された賞で,創設以来,海外への漫画文化の普及と漫画を通じた国際文化交流に貢献した漫画作家を顕彰することを目的として,毎年実施されています。
    応募作品のうち最も優秀な作品に「日本国際漫画賞最優秀賞」,優秀な3作品に「日本国際漫画賞優秀賞」がそれぞれ授与されます。受賞者は,国際交流基金の招へいにより授賞式に合わせて訪日し, 日本の漫画家との意見交換,出版社等への訪問,地方視察等を行う予定です。








Painting workshop with children in rural areas



Cubic Consultancy, Cubic gallery division in cooperate with Department of Fine Arts School and Lao Ashiya Association has conducted for several years painting workshop for children in the rural areas from northern part to southern parts of Laos.

The workshop aimed to help and be apart for expanding children in rural ares to describe their mind and their thinking relating to the Natural resources Management and preservations. With a warm coordination with Fine arts Department, Lao Ashiya Association and the education department at the provinces the workshop has gained very interesting ideas, especially the children’s describe very well about they hometown, lifestyle, and the conservation about the natural resources.

Some of them cannot even have a chance to see and use watercolours, before starting the painting they was very exciting and many of them can interprets very well, and of-course they parents was also very surprised. 


Workshop in Salavan province

Workshop at Phonegnam school, Vientiane Province

Phonegnam elementary and secondary school school situated in Vientiane province at Phonegnam village, supported by Lion Club since 1997. Mr. Gejiro Shigemura who is one of the Ashiya city assembly has tried very hards for fund raising which not only funding for school construction and also has find the scholarship for the best students to continue his or her studies in Japan. Since 1997 Professor Hiroshige Takada who is a key person and in charge of the project has also made a significant ceremony that was a time capsule has put in the ground since the construction has began and the time capsule will be dig out again this year in April.

During 20 years past, Mr. Gejiro Shigemura has visit Phonegnam school 2-3 times times per years and also has find some activities for reinforcing children to learn, play and happy. With a cooperation with Cubic Consultancy, Media unit and Lao Ashiya Association has conducted a painting workshop with those children here in  September 2014

Workshop at Organic farm Vangvieng 2015

Organic farm Vangvieng is running by Mr.hanongsi Sorangkoun and crete a lot of organic products and have fresh vegetable restaurant at the place. For every season there is many young volunteers from many place learned and experimenting how to growth crops without chemical and none toxic.

At the same time, Mr.hanongsi Sorangkoun also provide an outdoor education relating agriculture for children around this area to and has create an Equal Education for All.

EEFA Projects



For more information on workshop and education for children in rural areas please contact:






Japan Funds School Expansion and Reconstruction Projects

Create: 10/03/2017 20:41

Mr Takeshi Hikihara (L) shakes hands with the director of an Education and Sport Office in Vientiane Capital on Mar 7

(KPL) The Japanese Government provided grant assistance worth US$ 538,555 dollars  to expand or reconstruct school buildings at six schools in the provinces of Vientiane, Savannakhet, Champasak and Attapeu, through its Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGPs).

The grant contracts for six GGP projects in education were signed at the Ministry of Education and Sports in Vientiane Capital on Mar 7  between  Mr. Takeshi Hikihara, Ambassador of Japan to the Lao PDR, and four Directors of the Education and Sports Offices, representing the respective province and districts, while Mr. Khamphay Sisavanh, Vice Minister of Education and Sports, and other officials witnessed.

The first four projects are for the reconstruction of school buildings at the Khamvongsa Lower Secondary School in Attapeu Province, the Maiparktoun Lower Secondary School in Vientiane Province, the Naport Secondary School in Savannakhet Province and the Houayhai Lower Secondary School in Champasack Province. 

At these schools, the conditions of school buildings are poor, being run down. 

Therefore, the projects aim to improve the educational environment by constructing a block of three to six fully furbished classrooms.

The second project is for the construction of school buildings at the Vongsomphou Lower Secondary School in Attapeu Province.

The school does not have a building yet, and it is operated by borrowing the elementary school building of the village. Since the furniture is for elementary school students, it is difficult for junior high school students to use, and it is also a problem that there is no faculty room.

Therefore, the project aims to improve the educational environment by constructing a block of five fully furbished classrooms and a faculty room.

The other project is for the expansion of school buildings at the Nasak Secondary School in Vientiane Province. 

At this school, the number of students is expected to increase while classrooms are already overcrowded. 

Therefore, the project aims to improve the educational environment by constructing two additional blocks of four fully furbished classrooms.  As a result, the average number of students per class will decline.

Through these six projects, a total of about 2,000 school students will enjoy the benefits of an improved educational environment.

In his remarks, Ambassador Hikihara emphasized, “It is critically important that the benefits of the projects should be enjoyed by people in the respective local communities as this is the most significant characteristic of GGPs.”

He continued, “Japan attaches great importance to basic education as a foundation for development. Through this GGP scheme, Japan has funded 282 education projects since 1989, including 171 primary schools and 61 lower and upper secondary schools”.


Twenty Students to Deepen Understanding of Japan’s Culture, LanguageCreate: 07/03/2017 19:01

Twenty students and one supervisor “JENESYS 2016” programme post for a group photo at Wattay International Airport, Vientiane, Mar 6

(KPL) Twenty students and one supervisor, who departed from Vientiane on Mar 6, will deepen their understanding of Japanese culture and language through their participation in a study tour under the “JENESYS 2016” program supported by the government of Japan.

The group will stay in Japan from Mar 7 to 14 and take part in the “Japanese Language Communication” programme.

The study tour aims to promote a better understanding of Japanese culture, history and society among those learning the Japanese language.

The twenty Lao students mentioned above were selected in collaboration with Japanese language institutes in Vientiane Capital and other provinces.

These Lao students will visit Tokyo and Fukui Prefecture (located near the centre of the Japan Sea Coast).

Besides visiting various historic and traditional landmarks, they will also have the opportunity to experience a student exchange and a farm-stay (working farms to experience a rural lifestyle).

The participants are expected to improve their Japanese language skills and contribute to strengthening the friendly relations between Japan and the Lao PDR.

JENESYS 2016 is a people-to-people exchange programme between Japan and the Asia-Pacific region, and will succeed JENESYS 2015.

The Japanese Government will invite about 340 young people from Laos to Japan during this fiscal year. 

The programme is expected to promote mutual trust and understanding among the people of Japan and the Asia-Pacific
region, and to build a basis for future friendship and cooperation.