Buddhist lent


During 3 months from July to early October lunar calendar the monks stay in the temple (Wat) and practice the Buddhist 227 principal seriously (Sin 227) and it call Buddhist lent (Khao Phansa). From early October this year the Buddhist Lent has end on 5 October (Ok Phansa).

In the morning in every temples have practice arm giving ceremony, in the evening is light festival.

Naga (River Dragon) is cultural symbolic and respect of Lao peoples, we often recognise 

 for the light festival in the evening  will hold a candle with flower fos some province such as Luang Prabang, it preferred to make a a kind of a lamp and work around the temple for 3 round then leave the lamp on the floor. After that they will leave a fire boat at the river. The fire boat is made in different size from small to large. Mostly every village will make a big fire boat with full decoration.



Interview Sivilay Abstract artist


Sivilay Abstract Artist


Sivilay is one of the best abstract artists who interprets the culture and tradition from his hometown onto the canvas for exhibition in local and abroad as well as transmitting his experience and techniques as an instructor for students at National Fine Arts Institute in Lao PDR. From a small village in Adsaphone district, Savanakhet province where many Phou Tai ethnic group inhabit, Sivilay has admired the beautiful hand writing of his father who is a teacher of elementary school, and tried to interprets all those wording and feeling to the artistic images. Once he has met with his father’s friend who is a painting’s teacher, since then he started learning paintings. Phou Tai peoples is very special, basically men and women are very good on signing, dancing and producing very beautiful silks and men playing the Khaen (Lao traditional music instrument). With those entourage Sivilay has inspired and introduced those cultural images onto his paintings and most of his paintings are related to culture, tradition, peoples and happiness.


Night activities Ta Oi peoples


Lao new year Luang Phrabang

Laven peoples harvesting coffee and men serving tea and coffee

Courtship interaction while men playing Khene and women singing.

Fresh market

Coffee harvesting process

Animal feeding

Cotton string making Laten people

Khmu people having Jar alcohol

Bamboo string making by Brown lady

Embroidering Iumiane people

Fire stove, or dry wood caring by Akha lady

Phou Tai ladie go to temple

Katou man playing music instrument

Akha ladies

Ta oi ladie

Mariage inter courtship

The paintings showing above is prepared for The Lao Plaza Hotel 2018 design for desk calendar size and would be distribute to Lao Plaza Hotel Clients. For more informations or if need the original canvas is also available now. Please send us an email: cubic.consultancy@icloud.com 



Pet shop Kouvieng


Khouvieng road was made a a wall to against Siamese invasion around 1563 Christian calendar by King Setthathirath. Since many century Khouvieng road has used for many different purpose, if take a look before 1986 there was many typical transportation using this wall was a road to transport the client to Nongchanh fresh market. 

Photo credit Mike Boddington

After that Khouvieng wall is become more and more famous road, which show that many shops, restaurant, boutique hotels, and big shopping center has builded from 2016. At the same time the world trade center (Complex center) also on the construction. Anyways, with what coincidence which turning the wall to economic center.

If we look around Khouvieng side road we would recognise there is many pet shops on the other side the road where selling different kind of pet such as dogs, cats, rabbits, and many kind of fish. For some who what to have a dogs, cats, rabbits, the shop also prepare necessary treatment method, including vaccination, pill and services. 

The shops also provide pets food, case and all kind of aquarium materials.





Koi fish or fancy carp


Koi fish or fancy carp 鯉

Koi fish is well known for many peoples around the world especially Koi fish in Japan is meant a luck, fortune or happy marriage. For some peoples may considering Koi fish as “Pets” and to decorate the house garden with small pond of Koi fish.

Some like to buy and make a present for new opening company for a luck, fortune and successfulness, especially in Japan some Koi fish with 60 cm of length cost about 3.000 $ and some may cost about 1.000 $, depend on shape, colour, spieces, and patten.

Savang Koi fish is locating in Vientiane capital, from Thongkhamkham market to the direction of Ban Dongpaleb, just about 10 meters after the National Circus on the left side, a big sign of beautiful Koi fish is showing on the side of the road.

Savang Koi fish is the largest Koi farm in Vientiane and most of Koi fish here are imported from Japan with breeding certificate provided. Farm owner is not only selling Koi fish, but he can provide also an after services and free consulting for the clients, moreover he also design and construction Koi fish pond included diagnostic system and provide also food and medicine. 

The only place where can have very beautiful koi fish is here, Mr. Noy also available on phone: +856 20 58777245. Or can also meet him on his face book available here: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100012727002100&fref=pb&hc_location=profile_browser